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  • Into the Woods: Director's Cut Edition

    5 videos

    In an homage to '80's horror from writer/director David Zimmerman III, five college students venture into the woods for an evening of partying and good ol' fashioned camping. The next day, four of them go missing and the race to find them stirs up a roller coaster of terror and unexpected events.

  • Before the Storm: 15th Anniversary Edition

    5 videos

    A troubled young man is losing his faith. He returns home after a few months at college to meet his girlfriend for dinner. After Jon encounters some unexpected visitors, he eventually arrives at their meeting place only to be stood up. This leads to an evening of events that will change his life ...

  • One of the Good Ones

    2 videos

    JJ, a recovering drug addict, meets Sammy, an everyday girl from LA, on a dating app. After the first date, he drops out of the rehab program to spend his last three days in town touring the bright lights of Hollywood with the girl of his dreams. He’s looking for love, she just wants a good time....

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